Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"You'll not see nothing like the mighty Djin"

While I hadn't planned a God in the VSF Turkish army, my reading on Turkish myth and legend (always a good place to start) had left me with the idea for a daemon a Djin.

When an advertisement for the Reaper Bones 'Shadow Daemon' popped up on Facebook I immediately thought.. a Djin, of course. The figure arrived pretty promptly from Mighty Ape, but had to wait a week or so for painting. All through the painting the words of Manfred Mann kept running through my head.

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NaM1E1s_R4)

Anyway, here is the completed Djin. I chose to paint it in a daemonic style I learned from GW White Dwarf magazines, all putrifying flesh with purple and blue shadows.

The presence of a God makes for yet another difference from what I hope will be a common opponent, the British VSF army. So the army now stands at 50 points. 22 points to go. Onwards and upwards.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

VSF Turkish cyclist riders

A little more fanciful imagining (with some help from Andy) has produced these cyclists which will make their debut as riders in the Turkish VSF army.

I felt that the British VSF, which might still be stuck in the days of the horse given the dominance of cavalry commanders and their place in the social elite. The Turkish forces might, I reasoned, be more accepting of newfangled ideas and contraptions. Hence the VSF 'ified cycles appearing as riders.

These are based around the (very) old Airfix German mountain troop cyclists that I had in the spares box. They had the mandatory head swaps (not nearly as happy with my modelling execution of the swaps with these), and some accoutrements added to the bikes (most came from a GW fantasy Dwarf sprue, suitably modified and fitted to the bikes. The tail fins were simply fabricated from scraps of plasticard.

All of this imagining is a suitable lesson in why we keep spares boxes and hoard everything we don't use   ... well that's what I said to Lorraine, anyway.

And here is the Turkish army in its current state, heading towards 48 points, at the moment. Big Battle HotT at 72 points is still the goal. These fellas will be battling it out with their British enemy.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Carpets, anyone? Turkish flyers ...

Something of a cliche, perhaps, but irresistible all the same, are these flyers for the Turkish VSF army.... flying carpets.

The 'carpets' were made by gluing 2 layers of 40gsm card together, and coating heavily with PVA glue. They were then painted with fairly thick layers of paint top and bottom. The figures come from the ESCI Zulu Wars British infantry, with head swaps from the Strelets Turkish Infantry 1877.

Then there is the 'Cleric' - a man of mystery and magic (maybe even a 'Mad Mullah?) calling forth the Gods. The figure is one of the Strelets Artillery figures.

So here now is the army so far:

5 x Blade
4 x Shooters
2 x Artillery
1 x Airboat
1 x Cleric
1 x Hero
3 x Flyers

By my count that's 40 points.

.... just over half way to the Big Battle size.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

An airboat made from ... ????

A deep dig into the good old fashioned spares box produced this creation - an airboat for the Turkish VSF army. 

The body was a sweets container from the late 80s or early 90s (when our kids were little - they are both in their 30s now). Might have been 'chuppa chups'? Or something like that.

I had two, the other I use for the aerial hero for the British VSF.

I sifted through the spares box for the other bits that I added. The fins were from an old Airfix Bloodhound missile, the cupola on the bottom (not sure if you can see it in the photos) from an Armourfast A13, and the other bits from a Warhammer Dwarfs sprue.

The 'weapon' on the nose is an old biro point/refill, and the 'rotor' assembly on top- are the propellor, radial engine and cowling from an old 1/32 Boeing F4B kit.

There always seems to be an issue with 3 pointers in army composition (a function of the maths of factors, I guess). So in total there are three 3 pointer elements in the army.. that's awkward, demanding either another 3 pointer, or a 1 pointer somewhere.

I like the airboat theme for VSF generally. I think I was inspired by HG Wells 'War in the air'. So maybe another airboat?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Turkish artillery for HotT

These two artillery bases for the VSF Turkish army were one of those 'quick wins' in painting terms.The guns and figures come from the Strelets 20mm Turkish Artillery 1877 set. They are standard artillery and offer two 3 point elements.

And the Turkish VSF army so far:

5 x Blades
4 x shooters
2 x artillery
1 x hero
 - giving 28 points.

Of course none of these elements yet reflect the particular theme I want for this army, other than that it is Turkish.

You'll have to keep guessing on that one.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Turkish hero for HotT

It's been fun thinking about how to depict the range if 3, 4 and 6 point bases in the Turkish VSF HotT army. I decided that there should be a gunner hero, a tribute to Mohammed the Gunner, if you like.

I used figures from the Strelets Turkish Artillery 1877 set, and some pieces from the spares box. The gun barrel came from the GW Dwarf set, mounted on some Airfix napoleonic artillery wheels.

As this is a great hero, I thought he ought to have a standard bearer with flag too. I'm reasonably happy with the result.

The army so far, with blades, shooters, and the hero.

I think the next couple of bases will be pretty unsurprising, but I'm still formulating/plotting/scheming some more interesting and thematic bases to add. The goal will be a 72 point Big Battle army, but.. one step at a time I think.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Turk shooters for HotT

Next step with the VSF Turks... four bases of shooters. I thought shooters were less likely to want to be easily seen, hence no banners.

Nine bases of infantry so far, 18 points. A significant chunk of the infantry core of the army (although there will be more to do to get to 72 points.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It's ......

Another two bases of blade for the new HotT project. The army will be a VSF Turkish opponent to the Brits. The question is, how will this be different from the Brits? By different I mean the look, and the composition/play style .... keep guessing.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A new project... the same madness!!!

Finished the first three bases of a new project ... all I'll say is that it's a HotT army.... guess away.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Armies of Dust ... first outing

This was quite a few weeks ago now, and I can't recall enough of the battle to provide a detailed AAR. I thought the photos might be of interest, as a matter of record. The AoD faced Andy's Kingdoms of Men. The AoD had an exceptional outing. A couple of lucky die rolls took the Knights out of play early on.. a very lucky break given their hitting power.

Kingdoms of Men on the left, Armies of Dust on the right

Re-animated behemoth and Mummies on the AoD left

AoD Spear

The swarm go in first.. I mis-used them.. sacrificed them for no gain. A little to learn on how to get the best from them.