Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ewwww spiders again!!! The spider demoness arrives.....

Well you see, it was VERY reasonably priced on Mighty Ape, and.. again.. I didn't need it, but.. I WANTED it. The Spider HotT army isn't one I plan on expanding for Big battle game, but this spider demoness (same range as taht mechanical dragon) was just to nice a figure to pass up.

And yes, that's a body, wound in 'web', beneath her.

The 'rock' and human prey were both ideas from my 'creative director' (Andy), the rock as a means of attaching the figure to the base (those legs just weren't going to provide enough surface area for glue to achieve anything).

I had planned to use her as a 'hero', but the figure was too deep to fit onto a 'hero' base, so this is a 'behemoth' depth. However I think she may variably count as hero or behemoth, and could even count as a God, although Spiderman might be more than a little 'miffed' at being supplanted in that way.

The completed army, at more than 24 army points. Maybe I should expand this lot to 36 poinjs?

The demoness and her 'God', the one form which she draws her power (I guess!!)

Friday, September 9, 2016

HG Wells would have been proud?

Last night's photos didn't do justice to the new mechanical dragon added to the Victorian Science Fiction army, so here it is again, sitting alongside the rest of Carruthers' assembled forces, ready to civilise the uncivil(ised) world.

The mechanical dragon

Carruthers' aerial forces

The completed forces, 84 points I think

The force was completed without the dragon, but frankly when I saw it I couldn't resist. So here is a major project now well and truly complete. HG Wells would have been proud.

Only problem now - I need to play some Big Battle games with it.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I know I didn't need it ..

But I WANTED it ... a mechanical dragon from the Dark Heaven Bones range. It's a perfetc fit for the VSF army...

By God, Carruthers will be pleased.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Barbarian hordes renovations completed.

Well, the winter renovations are complete (well, the barbarian hordes renovations anyway). There are 36 bases of war band. I touched up chipped and damaged paint, gave them a black wash, added highlights for flesh and a few other colours, painted the base edges black and added static grass to the bases. The figures still have broken spears etc but I didn't bother with replacement (yeah I know, lazy eh!!!).

So the barbarian forces renovations are complete. The war band need some cavalry additions which I'll contemplate at some stage.

Here is the warband horde in all its completeness and glory. Thirty six DBX/HotT bases, or nine Armati units.

And here are the two barbarian armies in their entirety (well, almost.. I did buy a couple of HotT additions which I'll put up when I've finished them.. a wee surprise there). he Hun/nomadic barbarians at the front, and the war band army at the rear.

This is far more than I'll need for DBA or HotT (or Kings of War), but produces nice armies for larger Armati games.

Now, I guess I should renovate the Early Imperial Roman army to provide a nice opponent for these guys in the traditional ancients rules sets.

To work, boy.. to work I say!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Andy's Egyptian God completed

Photos just in of Andy's Cat God for his semi historical Egyptian HotT army. Just had to share ....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Andy's HotT Egyptian inspiration

Andy's latest work in progress: his God base for his Semi Historical Egyptians. What else for Egyptians than .. a cat!! The base is unpainted as these are a work in progress. However i thought this as so cool, I had to share.

Thanks Andy. Shame we get so few games.

Monday, August 15, 2016

We are still renovating.. a new army from the dusty depths

Um, there I was pondering what to do next and.. well.. the war band just screamed out to me. I acquired these 25mm war band figures second hand over 25+ years ago (can't recall the manufacturer), all block painted, and now with quite a few broken weapons after surviving over 14000 earthquakes. So, we have enough war band for a Big Battle DBA army, or a Big Battle HotT Barbarian army, or a significant chunk of the infantry component of a Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army, or an Armati Early German/Barbarian army.

Here's the deal ... glue back some of the missing spears which are sitting in the box,  touch up the chipped paintwork, give them a black wash, a bit of a highlight, redo the bases with black edging and static grass, and they should see service in whichever genre I choose.

Here are the first five bases (these were test bases), with another 29 to go.

They can even work in with the Huns in several of those rules genres. Hey .. a real win-win.